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MTB Cornering 1 on 1 | Small Group Session

MTB Cornering 1 on 1 | Small Group Session

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Personal MTB coaching with The Chainline crew, Jason Guthrie & Alex Cazares. During our 2 hour session, learn body position, balance, stability and control. Have more fun, ride with confidence and show off your new skills to that special someone.

Which coach should you pick? 

JASON- Owner / Operator of Chainline, Has 35+ years of riding experience, some of which, at the professional level! Jason is a ONE SIZE FITS ALL type of coach! From the basics all the way through to the advanced skills. ( available for local San Diego Coaching  )

ALEX- Shop manager of chainline, has a heavy BMX influenced background! Specializes in jumping and cornering! ( available for local San Diego Coaching )

Turning your bike seems simple enough, right? Wrong!!!

There are many elements to cornering on your mountain bike such as body position, braking points, leaning, where to look, pedal position, berms, flat corners, off camber sections ETC.... Not to mention, you need to cover all of that within seconds!

Coaching session is limited to a maximum of 4 people to ensure peak coaching presence and optimum learning curve for all students.

LOCATION: Trail-head or bike park location vary based off skill level! Specific meet up location will be disclosed to participants a few days prior to clinic.

We also have a few 1st person lessons on youtube!

Check out our instagram - @chainline_coaching


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